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My most commonly asked questions.

Do you have a studio?

Yes! It a great little place out of the way of prying eyes.

Do you provide outfits?

At this time I do NOT provide outfits. Although I do have a growing number of items like oversize sweaters, corsets and gowns. Due to the intimate nature of the clothing and the many sizes I would need to fit everyone, it’s just not doable to carry more at this time. ** I do offer complimentary wardrobe consultations and can recommend a few local shops that offer a gorgeous array of lingerie and clothing when clients book their sessions.

I will have some great flowers on hand.

Do you shoot pinup?

No, unfortunately I do not. Pinup is very specialized in posing and props, I have the ability to do neither. What you see in my gallery is a true representation of my work and my style. Should you want a pinup photographer, there are a couple fabulous ladies in the bay area.

Will my images be kept private?

Absolutely! I work with women all the time who need complete discretion due to their careers and others who want this as a private gift. I only share images with a written and signed model release which of course, is completely up to you.

How much does it cost?

I have a range of sessions and products. However the starting investment for a session and images in an album is around $1000 before taxes but most clients invest around $2500. Here is a link to my Investment Page.

But I just want a couple pictures and don’t need a whole session can this be done?

Unfortunately I can not accommodate this sort of need. Each sessions takes a lot of prep time regardless of what is ordered in the end. I do not have the schedule nor means to do 10 minute shoots. Besides I have had a few clients who did not believe they were photogenic and thought they would only purchase one or two prints… they all ended up with albums and digital files!

Do you do payment plans?

Yes, and they can be customized to your needs, but I do not process orders until payment is made in full.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a non-refundable amount that holds your session date and time. I had to put this in place due to client no shows. When a clients does not show up for their scheduled session and they have not paid a retainer, then I am out the money I could have made from a serious client whom I had to turn away because the session was already booked. Not to mention the cost of the Hair and Makeup artists that I now must pay. To sum it up- it guarantees that you are serious about partaking in such an amazing experience! *Don’t forget, this money is applied in FULL to your final purchase, unless you’re a no show then it’s mine to keep. (I don’t want that any more than you do!)

So then what’s a session fee?

A session fee covers my time and talent as your custom photographer. This includes time spent from our initial contact, travel, the session, my artistic eye and skillz baby, editing, ordering session and any expenses I have to do all this. There is so much more to each session than the 1-3 hours I spend behind the lens!

I notice that you have all inclusive packages, what is the session fee for this?

My all inclusive packages include the session fee and product at a discounted price all wrapped into one bundle. They are a great deal for those who know they want and album and an even better deal for those who want an album and digital files!

What if I can’t make my session?

If the reason is legit and it’s a full session, then I am happy to reschedule. However this is at my discretion and there may be a rescheduling fee in place as I have a team that works with me and some will need to be paid regardless if they do not have sufficient notice. Retainers are non refundable, but I am a reasonable person and we will work it out so that we are both happy!

Do you take credit cards and/or personal checks?

Yes and yes. I have a merchant account and can accept all major credit cards. I will accept personal checks but they must have time to clear before your session date and before I can process your order. I also accept cash- preferably large, unmarked bills.  Haha.

Is hair and makeup extra?

No, both are included in the session fee/all-inclusive packages.

Can I get a discount for doing my own hair and makeup?

Unfortunately, no. I have found over the years that for my signature look I prefer one of the ladies on my team who knows my style and needs. I have worked with all three girls for many years now. Should you insist on doing your own makeup, you may but there will be no change in your session price.

Do you retouch the images?

Absolutely! Let’s face it, even the most “perfect” woman could use a little help in photographs. I don’t go crazy and take you down a few dress sizes, but I do smooth/even skin tones, remove dark under eye circles and remove blemishes. I also do some minor fixes. By “fixes” I mean, removing slight bumps or lines or even little bulges that may appear due to certain poses or lingerie. But it’s rarely anything you would even notice that I did, BUT if I hadn’t you probably would have noticed those things immediately. Make sense?

My opinion on boudoir editing is that these sessions are part reality and part fantasy. You’ll look stunning, and guess what- it will still be YOU!

I’m pretty nervous but love the idea, how do I pass this fear and go for it?

I definitely would not pressure anyone to do a boudoir shoot- except maybe a few friends so I could work on my portfolio back in the day. Ha! Ok really, I would never pressure ANYONE. What I can do is reassure everyone who is interested just how much fun it is and how fantastic you will look! This is not something you need to “lose 10 pounds” before you do. It’s my job to make you look great just as you are. Trust me, I know lots of tricks to make any “problem” spots disappear!

When a session is booked I take the time to talk to each client about their goals for the session, what look they are going for and most importantly why they are wanting one. Every session is unique and every woman wants something a little different. Some want partial nudity and some won’t be comfortable being topless- even covered up and that is OKAY! This is about you and making you feel beautiful and sexy.

Sessions are relaxed and fun. Yes, you will be nervous at first but most women warm up to the camera after only a few minutes. Again I will be guiding and posing you so it’s not like you are expected to show up with all your best supermodel moves. But please feel free to practice facial expressions in the mirror- sounds goofy I know, but it can help ease your mind a little. In fact I seriously recomend you try faces out in the mirror and DO NOT do duck face… it’s not sexy- evah! LOL. Believe me, once you see your images you will be so thankful you braved being seen in your skivvies, in fact you will likely want to show off just how hot you look to everyone you know AND a few passing strangers, this is a perfectly normal response. 😉

What do I bring?

First an foremost, yourself. Bring a variety of lingerie, bra/panty sets, corsets, special items(if this shoot is for him then maybe something that is special or relates to him, an instrument, sport jersey, tie, tools…think out of the box). Sexy heals, button up blouses and sweaters, dresses, even jeans. We will choose a couple outfits when you arrive. Have fun with it!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL regular session come with a complimentary wardrobe consult before your session. We can shop for new outfits and go through everything you already have . This allows us to have all your looks lined up and ready to go for the day of your session. It also avoids those outfits you got for your bridal shower 5 years ago, never wore and “Oops… it doesn’t actually fit”… moments.

What is a Sheet Set?

A sheet set is where you choose one wardrobe option to be a sheet set, as in you and the sheets, nothing else. Like these images: Sheet Set

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Yes, but I don’t recomend it. Unless you are doing a back to back girls day session(which are REALLY fun), having a friend there seems to make girls more nervous. Nobody wants an audience while they are trying to look sexy, seriously we crack up about it enough… the last thing you need is someone watching your every move or chiming in about what you are or aren’t doing. This is all about you, so relax and enjoy it!

I have a friend who is interested also, can we book together?

YES! In fact if you book with a friend you will both receive a lovely gift.

How long until I receive my images and/or album?

In most cases your gallery will be ready to view within two weeks from your session date. You will be contacted when your gallery is ready and we will arrange a meeting to view your images. At this time we will make all order preparations. Disks and images usually take about 1 week to deliver. Albums take the longest to prepare, complete and deliver. Albums can take up to 4 weeks from the order date/preview time and assembly.

Please keep these times in mind if you are planning a gift for someone. It is always better to book a session with plenty of time to spare in case delivery times take longer than expected. Estimate 6-8 weeks from the first consultation, although it’s usually sooner.

I have a group of friends who would also like to do a session, is this possible?

Yes, please contact me for details on group options!


Didn’t see your question listed? Drop me a line bcoterie@sbcglobal.net Or give me a call: 408.460.1855

Boudoir Coterie San Jose Boudoir Photographer