Earn your way to a Boudoir Coterie session!

VIP Reward Program

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Boudoir Coterie has now launched a VIP Referral Rewards program. In the past, this was something special for clients only but I realized that there are so many women out there that could use a little help so why not make it available for everyone!? You will earn $150 for each person you refer!

Here’s how it works:

  • Click the link above and in the drop down menu click VIP Rewards, then fill in the contact info.
  • We will then place your info into the VIP Referral program.
  • Start referring your friends to book a Coterie session.
  • Make sure they tell us you referred them so you get the credit.
  • For every friend that books, shoots and pays off their invoice in full, you’ll receive a $150 referral credit. $150!

It’s that easy! The best part: there is no limit! Refer 10 friends and you’ll earn $1500 towards a session of your own!

Here’s the fine print:

Only one person can be named as the person who referred you, so choose the one you like the most.

Credit is only given after your friend has paid their final balance. No credit is given if said friend books and then backs out. Aint nobody got time for that.

A minimum total of $700(before tax) must be spent by said friend in order for a credit to be given.

Referral credits may be used towards a new session only. If you referred a friend to book with you, your credit cannot be applied to your current session.

There is NO cash value for referral credits. Credit only.

Credits are good for 2 years from the date it was given.

How to get your friends to book?

Tell them about the gorgeous images that Boudoir Coterie takes. Share links. Send them to our website. Let them know that the studio is located in a convenient, free parking area of San Jose. Tell them how gorgeous they will look and how much they will benefit from such an amazing experience. Let them know that they would be helping out a very dear friend who needs this more than anything. Beg. 😉