Fashion Friday | Campbell Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Fall is here ya’ll!! Holy cow is it cold when I take my oldest to school in the morning. In light of the cooler weather I want to talk to you about sweaters.

I love a comfy sweater! it can be snug, oversized, solid, striped or whatever you like. There are so many different options and so many different ways to wear a sweater. Jeans, skirt, leggings; boots, flats, heels… really, you decide!

Love the combination of the camel colored sweater along with the leopard flats.

Camel Sweater
This outfit looks so comfy and stylish! Love the addition of the scarf. Don’t forget the small details.


Don’t forget to add some color!
60-Second Style: Oversized Sweater
I really like this style too.
Blogger Style-Turtleneck Sweater with Belt


Wear your sweaters with style ladies!




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