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Face the Summer Looking Your Best!!



It’s time to think light and bright now that the sun is shining and the beach is calling you. The greatest thing about summertime is the kaleidoscope of colors hiding in your closet can now come out to play! So have some fun checking out all the latest trends in hair, makeup, and nails that are sure to make for a sizzling season.



As always, let’s start from the top…



















Hair is the most empowering way to express your summer self and bring out your brightness! With just the right style, color and accessories you will have the attention of the whole beach. Go for pastel colors, put in a stylish braided updo, and put some glitter along the part and hairline and you are ready to step out as the top hair trend of the season.






















Makeup is a woman’s war paint no matter what the season. She’s gotta slay when she steps out that door. Since the summer is all sun you have to think of how that hot look is going to protect you from the hot sun. Yes, I know, you’ve heard this from me once before. But it’s true, summer sun and skin damage go hand in hand if you don’t take the proper measures. So, of course, UV protection and waterproof is a must have every summer.






















My favorite way to express myself, especially in the summer, is through my nails. Because sometimes I just don’t have the time to put on that cute summer make up r take a long time getting the hair just right. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. So, this summer, go bright, go bold and always have a blast from hands to toes. Stay with the current fashioned by going with nautically themed nails and make the ocean come to you wherever you go.




Now that you know the way to a flawless face this summer…





Let that stunning shine through with the perfect combination of beautifying cosmetics that will make you hotter than any summer!!





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