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Gypsy Rose Lee and Dita Von Teese: Fabulous Forces of Burlesque




I have always loved the art of Burlesque and how it titillates the senses. And when the word Burlesque is said, two very prominent names come to mind; Gypsy Rose Lee and Dita Von Teese! These fabulous women are known for their wit, their beauty, and most importantly their style.




Rose Louise Hovick, better known as Gypsy Rose Lee, joined the ranks of burlesque after a grueling childhood career in vaudeville with her talented siblings and her controlling stage mother, Mama Rose. Burlesque was her way of breaking from her past and embrace a form of entertainment that really brought her true essence to life. She also changed it in ways one would never imagine with her sharp wit and her expensive couture taste that dazzled the world over. She has been immortalized in the theater with the award-winning show Gypsy and literature with not only her own best selling novels and memories but literally hundreds of different pieces written in her honor. The show Gypsy has also been made into several different film renditions as well as appearing herself in many movies and TV shows. The best of all is grande modern burlesque shows, one most famously done by Dita Von Teese, all honoring how forever fabulous she is!






Here are some inspirational fashions from the ever enchanting Gypsy Rose Lee!




Heather Sweet, know the world over as Dita Von Teese, was a small town ballerina with bigger than life dreams of glory through glamor. She yearned for the old world existence of her role models from vintage Hollywood and the elegance the exuded. The moment she stepped into the big city there was no stopping her. She reinvented herself in the world of fetish modeling, often drawing inspiration from women like Bettie Page. Then she does it once more by reigniting the world of Burlesque, drawing from the only inspiration to draw from; Gypsy Rose Lee! She has since launched various different clothing, lingerie, hair, and makeup collections along with appearing in many movies, music videos as well as being a best selling author. She is truly an unstoppable woman!






Here are some inspirational fashions from the lovely and enticing Dita Von Teese!





Empowered, confident, intelligent women are the sexiest women alive! What better way to celebrate it than to honor the goddesses of burlesque!





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Retro Glam | San Jose Bay Area Boudoir Photography



Vintage never goes out of style, especially in the boudoir. And capturing this sexy elegance in a photo is as old as photography itself. And to look sexy for your love is even older. As old as time. The evolution of these delicate undergarments have a long history, but styles are often repeated and made better through the ages. As times change and needs of the boudoir do, so to must lingerie.



Victorians were not as stuck up as one would think. They knew how to have fun and dress for the occasion, even in private. For the modern Victorian look a touch of lace here, a neck-full of pearls there and a breathtaking corset is all you need



By the 1920’s women were not only politically free but a little more sexually free and their less constricting often more revealing lingerie was a sign of the times. Even the music in the bedroom became more exciting with Jazz.



As Hollywood grew in popularity so did the need for looking like a star in the bedroom. Even with WWII taking all the silk, that didn’t stop the ladies from wearing the most glamorous looks! (Thank You Nylon)




Can you imagine the 1950’s being sexy? Well, the truth is some of the sexiest styles we still use today came from the 1950’s. It has become the most copied look for vintage lingerie.





So if you feel like you were born in the wrong era…there’s lingerie for that!





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Fashion Friday eBay Finds | San Jose Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Coterie Portrait photography

Happy Friday, everyone! For this week’s Fashion Friday, I wanted to share some fabulous vintage finds from eBay.

I have to admit, eBay isn’t the first place that comes to mind when I think of lingerie shopping, but after Danea scored a gorgeous vintage nightgown this week, I decided to give it a gander.

Browsing eBay is not exactly like walking into your favorite lingerie shop, but if you keep an open mind, you’re bound to find some unique vintage pieces and even a few bargains.

eBay obviously doesn’t have quite the same aesthetic as a Victoria’s Secret catalog, so you have to use your imagination a little (not that Victoria’s Secret catalogues are an accurate depiction of reality anyway). Most items are poorly photographed, loosely draped across creepy mannequins, and are often set against distracting backgrounds.

See what I mean?


Is she going to the beach in that??

ebay image 2

That wallpaper….

However, once you look past all of that, how gorgeous are these nightgowns — and how amazing would they be to rock for a boudoir photo session? I love how they’re classically sexy and would be flattering for many figure types.

Don’t forget, Boudoir Coterie offers wardrobe consultations with many of our packages, so if you aren’t sure about something you want to purchase for a session, you can always send Danea a link before you bid.

Here are a few of my favorites that are still up for auction (at the time this was originally posted):

ebay mint nightie

This sheer mint nightgown is gorgeous and a perfect color for spring.

ebay blue nightgown

I love how this color really pops and is another fabulous option for spring.

ebay black lace

This nightgown has really gorgeous lace detailing on top.

ebay white lace

This one is vintage Christian Dior. Check out that lace!

So what do you think? Would you buy lingerie on eBay? Are you ready to add one of these to your collection? If you’re ready to show off your awesome vintage eBay find, give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a session today!

bcoterie@sbcglobal.net or 408.460.1855