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Early last year I had a few ideas for some promo videos. Unfortunately they have sat on the back burner for months and months. Finally, just over a week ago I realized that now was the time and I had the perfect person for my first shoot. I gave a past client, Miss F a call. It has been a year since she graced my studio but she had given me a full release and I figured she might be game. I pitched her my idea and what it would require from her(you’ll see), she laughed, paused and then agreed. Yay! We got together at the Boudoir Coterie San Jose Studio on Tuesday morning and with the help of my lovely assistant, Devon, shot everything we needed to make this happen. Of course the artist in me kept thinking of so many more things I could have done with this during the creation process but I am pretty dang thrilled with how it turned out!

This is the first video from my “No Excuses” campaign which will address some of the reasons I hear from women as to why they “can’t” book.

Can you guess what this video is addressing? Hahaha

So without further adieu, my video promo debut!

If you guessed nerves or embarrassment then you win! Yeah, so you don’t actually win anything but the satisfaction of being correct. Go ahead and give yourself a high five, smarty pants!
And now, click HERE and book yourself a session! I promise it will be just as fun as in the video and no, you won’t fall. That was totally staged, and she did a fantastic job at it, don’t you think!? Haha.


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