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Spring is here and the summer wedding is coming close. You have the dress all picked out, but what about when the honeymoon starts? The classic color for this occasion is of course white! Feeling sexy is the most important on this magical night and everything has to be just right. You want this moment to last forever in his mind. Here are some beautiful styles for when the walk down the aisle is over, he’s carried you through the threshold and sexy time in on.



Lovely lace boy shorts with matching lace bra.



Classic garter set with nude colored accents and a matching satin robe.



Victorian corset, fine bloomers and matching knee-high stockings.



Luxurious lace button up body suit.



Pearl encrusted burlesque style high waisted bra and panty set



Unique two-piece lace and chiffon crop and skirt set.



Cozy satin and cotton bra and shorts set.




Sumptuous silk chemise with matching panties.



And yes, I love white weddings with lace, pearl, satin and white lingerie. Not everyone is and I must cater to those who think outside the box of the bridal standard.


Stunning teal satin bodysuit with matching chiffon robe with gold lace accent.



Elegant rose pink lace bra and panty set



Softest powder blue pearl and lace bra and panty set with cinderella blue satin robe.



Tantalizing leopard chiffon chemise with black lace accents.



Exquisite powder pink satin bodysuit.



Beautiful black lace bra and panty set with matching silk robe



Passionate purple chemise with matching lace panties.



Chanel style Parisian pink and black lace ruffle garter set.



With so many choices how can you both not have the most unforgettable night of your life? When the night is made perfect with just the right lingerie capture it forever with a boudoir session with us. We will work with you to bring out just how that moment made you feel. It’s what we love to do.




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Behind the Scenes Wedding Album|San Jose Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Coterie Portrait photography Wedding season is upon us, and it’s the first February in two years that I’m not planning or in the midst of planning one (I had a long engagement). I thought, since we love brides at Boudoir Coterie, and suspect there might be at least a few visiting this blog, that I’d dedicate a few posts to things I learned throughout my wedding planning journey.

Let’s start with a fun little project that you can totally do AFTER your wedding when you’re no longer worried about ripping your dress before the ceremony (I did this – three times!), where to seat annoying old Aunt Patty, and whether you like dark chocolate fudge or devil’s food cake better.

I came up with the idea to make what I like to call my “behind the scenes” wedding album as I was combing through photos on my computer this Fall. I realized I had so many fun wedding-related pictures that had become lost in a sea of way too many cell phone shots of my cats, food, and random selfies (we all take them).

You’ll probably have some sort of professional photos from your wedding, and hopefully a cool boudoir photo shoot too, but what about all of those quick pictures you snapped with your camera or phone throughout the process?

I don’t mean you should be taking photos during your wedding (please don’t!), but with all of the planning that goes into a wedding, you’re bound to have tons of memories that you’ll want to hold onto besides just the day of. I know I did.

To get a little sappy for a second, after nearly 18 months of planning, I realized my wedding wasn’t just about the day, but the entire journey, so I decided to put together a photobook to document the process. Let’s face it, who really knows what will happen to those cell phone photos you’ve been saving ten years down the line. Computers crash and technology changes. I’m still a big fan of a good old photo album (I made mine on Shutterfly in case you’re wondering).

If you’re stumped for ideas on what to include, you can probably just browse through your phone to come up with a few. Here’s a list of some of the photos I included in mine to get you started:

1. The first venue we chose and food from the awesome lunch we had afterwards (while a little tipsy from the venue’s free wine tasting)

2. The first time we visited our new venue after realizing the first one wasn’t going to work out (darn that free wine)

3. The first time I tried on my dress — and a bunch of the reject dresses

reject dress

Reject dress – this was so NOT me (but fun to laugh at now)

4. Lots of shots of all of my accessories (I spent way too much time choosing them all)

5. Photos from my fittings (I live far away from most of my family, so it was necessary to take these)

6. Photos of my cats enjoying all of the boxes and packaging as wedding gifts started to arrive

Rupert loves Crate & Barrel

Rupert loves Crate & Barrel

7. Photos from my hair and makeup trial and the fabulous date my fiancee took me on afterwards

8. Post-boudoir session selfies

I was so sad I had to go home and "undo" all of this so I wouldn't ruin the surprise for my hubby.

I was so sad I had to go home and “undo” all of this so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise for my hubby

9. Our one DIY project

10. The AMAZING bread pudding French toast I fed to my bridal party the morning of (catered by Whole Foods in case you’re wondering)

11. First selfie as a married woman

12. My husband eating cake in our hotel room the morning after

These are just a few ideas to get you started. I know how easy it is to get stressed out or lost in the details, so don’t forget about all of the memories you’re making too!


Are you thinking about doing a Bridal Boudoir session? If so, contact us for all options and planning. We also have cool new Coterie Petite sessions for those on a tight wedding budget!

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