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Bring The Sizzle Inside



Boy, is it hot out there! And you’ve been spending all day baking in the sun. That’s why it’s time to take the date inside. That’s when the night gets even hotter. What better way to make your lover break a sweat than with the perfect lingerie. Since it is such a bright time only bright beautiful colors will do. Start with all the colors of the rainbow and let the summery hues inspire you. So crank that AC and make the season come alive indoors.







Divinely simple and always exquisite. A hue that brightens and softens all in one elegant entrance. Though white is often associated with the Winter season, with snow that sparkles like crystals, it is also a color that invokes the hue of summer.








The flowers are in bloom and the sun is pouring in warmth and light. Oh no, I’m not talking about outside. I’m talking about Yellow and how it brings that exact summer sensation right into the favorite room in the place.








Think of an adventure under a setting sun and the colors it produces. As the sun sets those yellows sometimes turn to orange. Those moments are the most romantic. That same romance can be worn as you radiate with the beauty of a Tuscan sunset.








Another color a sunset often has are bursts of pink streaking through. On occasion, it encompasses the entire sky. Those are the sunsets that are the most passionate. Who wouldn’t want to wear the color of passion for a night destined to be filled with plenty of it?








A regal yet relaxed statement may seem an odd combination at first, yes. But on a perfect summer night with a glass of wine and your handsome prince, this lovely statement is not only simple to achieve it is an absolute must for a most successful evening.






Another regal yet racy color is blue and with the various shades, the stunning possibilities are endless, timeless and without a season. Let it remind you of the water that cools our bodies and quenches our thirst. Make this the inspiration you take with you to every room in the place.








Nature may come inside for a naturally sexy night with a brilliant shade of green. From emerald to moss, the perfect lingerie can bring that sense of spirit as you awaken your inner desires. Entice him further as the essence of the garden comes to life in the boudoir.








Make his heart race with the hottest color of all. A sizzling summer like no other is waiting for your lover. Turn the flames up a little more with a sheer material that leaves nothing to the imagination. Why keep him guessing when you’ve already made his blood boil?








Though, why change something classic? Are all those bright colors not much to your liking? Are you more of a midnight person with a dark an daring side? Black is your color, Black is intense and exciting, and black is always here to stay. Embrace your Dark Side.




It’s almost too hot to stay inside! How could anyone stay cool, even in air conditioning, with all these perfect boudoir looks? So if you’re looking to make your summer never ending no matter where you are, there’s lingerie for that.





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Independence Never Looked So Good | Santa Clara Los Gatos Holiday Boudoir Photography

Happy July 4th!!



Independence Day is the day we celebrate stickin’ it to the King of England! Just like the other countries of the world that celebrate freedom, we wrap ourselves in our flag and blow things to smithereens. It’s also a day where the adventures seem endless. There is always somewhere to go and something to do on the 4th of July! So I guess the only question is, what do I wear? Here are some inspirational ideas that will make you one hell of a patriot.



When thinking of what to put together always think red white and blue. It’s your freedom to wear whatever colors you want, but it’s always fun to show your pride loudly and proudly. And plus you can’t go wrong with this color combination. Leave it to a woman, Betsy Ross, to make sure our colors were going to always be fashionable for generations!!






















Let your pride fly as freely as the flag and represent the U.S.A with class. Always feel free to celebrate how you like, but please party safely and enjoy celebrating the independence of our great country by watching a light show blowing up the sky! Have a Happy Independence Day!





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Sizzling Summer Solstice | San Jose Bay Area Boudoir Photography


Summer Is Officially Here!! And we all know what that means; SWIMSUITS!!



There is no better way to show your unique summer self than through the perfect swimwear. Thankfully there are so many to choose from and it is perfectly acceptable to have more than one style of swimsuit in one season.dec_border

Are you into a One Piece…





A one piece is a classic structure with so many possibilities. It’s comfortable and extremely flattering. You can conceal as much or as little as you wish and still feel confident and secure. Choose from an endless array of styles and patterns to be unstoppable at the beach all summer long.



Or are you into a Two-Piece…






Whether you’re strutting your stuff and laying poolside with a sexy bikini or sporting your athleticism with a structured two-piece, you will always feel confident and comfortable. And just like a one piece, there are an unending array of styles and patterns. The possibilities are not only ceaseless but they are sizzling.



Here are some of my personal favorite trends of Summer 2018…


High Waist Swim




Take a vintage look and make it modern. It accentuates every curve and keeps you secure while making you look flawless. Top trend right now in high waist swim attire is the long sleeve mesh top bikini.



Athletic Swim





Keep movin’ and groovin’ with the ever comfortable sporty swimsuit. Always comfortable, always durable and never out of style. The top trend in athletic swim attire right now is designer label two-piece.



Mix and Match Swim




Never get bored again when you mix and match your tops and bottoms. You can even mix styles and colors you wouldn’t think match in a million years. The top trend in mixing and matching right now is an off the shoulder ruffle top with bikini bottoms.



Multi-Toned Swim






Wheather you’re a one piece or a two piece girl you will always look great in the multi-toned block pattern. Inspired by early 90’s color schemes, but always timeless. The top trend in the multi-toned swim attire is the tri-color bikini.



Strappy Swim




The strappy style is definitely for the boldest and most confident beach goer. Some are meant for laying chic poolside and some are structured well like athletic wear, but both are always jaw-dropping, to say the least. The top trend right now in a strappy swim is not so much a style as much as it is color; bold, bright, hot colors like pinks and yellows.



Island Patterns




Bring out your inner island girl and feel the rhythm move you. The choice of patterns and colors are as numerous as the culture of every island nations that make up this awesome world. The top trend in Island inspirations is a Barbados ‘Crop Over’ Festival print with a trim of gold.



Mermaid Swim





Mermaid style is one of the top trends at the moment. So many women would much rather mermaid than adult and with today’s fashion, you can. There are even fully functioning swimming tales to complete the mythical magic. Of course, the most trendy thing of all in mermaid style is everything Ariel from Little Mermaid.



Vintage Swim





Last but not least is, of course, the timeless Vintage style swim. It’s swim that’s meant to last under any circumstances and make you look classicly irresistible. And the most consistently popular trend through the years is all about the 50’s, whether it’s polka dot or leopard it has withstood the test of time.



Sizzle this season and always remember…

Make sure this summer to have the most fun you can have in your most dangerous curves. Show off loud and proud, get some well-needed sun and make it about you conquering the world.





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Bad Ass Boss Lady | Los Gatos Bay Area Boudoir Portrait Photographer

I’m back, baby!!! Yes, it’s been a while and I promise I will share more about what has been happening the past few months and why I have been silent. The important thing for now is that we are back and jumping into 2018 with full force!

Happy New Year, everyone!


I recently had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous Ofelia, owner of O Spa Salon in Los Gatos, again! The first time she graced my studio was for some much needed head shots. You may remember this the shot from IG?


Well this time she was braving a sexy shoot! It can be hard for women to take the much needed time to pamper themselves, regardless of whether you are a stay at home mom,, employed or run your own business. What better way than a personalized shoot designed to push your boundaries, bring out your inner sexy or discover a new found confidence!?


About O Spa Salon

How long have you been in business?

I have been running O Spa for 8 years but in the skin care industry for over 20!

What made you want to start your own business?

Honestly, I was working for someone else and paying a lot of money in rent each month. I figured I could keep that money myself! I had no idea all of the work that would be involved with running my own business but it’s worth it!

What drew you to your profession?

My mother was a model and a beauty consultant. I was trained at a very young age how to take care of my skin and it came easy and I soon realized it’s where my heart is.

What do you specialize in?

My specialty is skin care, especially Hydrafacials, and tattooing for permanent make up. I have extensive training in eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrows can drastically change a womans face. Shaping and designing the most flattering custom look for each lady is something I do with care, consideration and skill. Every face is different as are the needs of each client.

What drew you to your specialty?

The beauty industry has always fascinated me. I love making women feel beautiful and look beautiful. What better way to utilize my skills and passion than owning a spa!? Learning and taking the time to train and use the latest technology keeps our salon ahead of the game as well as keeping things new and exciting.

What kind of experience should a first time client expect?

We value customizing things for each client. So each client will get preferred treatment and individualized customer care to suit their specific needs. Our salon takes pride in customer consultation and explaing each service we plan to provide. We are always happy to answer any questions a client may have.

Is there anything special you do to prepare the client? 

We always do a consultation in the beginning of each 1st time client to make sure we understand what they’re looking for so we can always over deliver!

Is there anything you would like to add about the spa or yourself?

At O Spa you can be assured that you will be taken care of from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave we will even give you our personal cell phone number so that you can reach us with any additional questions!

Do you have any specials you are currently running?

We always have seasonal specials and we offer all first time clients a new introductory offer. Call to ask for but our special promotions!(O Spa 408-354-1100)

Check out Ofelia’s fabulous spa and all it has to offer —-> O Spa Salon  

About Your Boudoir Coterie Photoshoot

How did the experience make you feel?

Danea knows the woman’s body and she knows how to get behind the camera and make you look and feel confident! As a model, yes I’ve had much experience, but to do a sexy lingerie shoot it takes a talented photographer to make the images excellent!

What surprised you the most about your experience?

I’ve worked with many photographers over the years but like I said Danea puts you at ease and her lighthearted spirit and personality make you feel confident and at ease!

What was your favorite part about your session?

Seeing the final images of course!

How did you feel during the reveal process?

I was completely surprised at her lighting and beautiful work.

Would you recommend other women like yourself to do a session of their very own?

I would absolutely recommend Danea and have done so with friends AND clients. Every woman should have this experience!

Would you ever do another shoot for yourself?


Is there anything else you would like to add about your unique experience? 

I highly recommend Danea and her photography studio for lingerie shoots her studios have the perfect backdrops settings props lighting! She is a complete professional with the best attitude and when there’s passion there is talent and Danea fits at all!

Boudoir Coterie_0029-1.jpgBoudoir Coterie_0027-1.jpg
Boudoir Coterie_0028-1.jpg
Boudoir Coterie_0030-1.jpg
Boudoir Coterie_0031-1.jpg
Boudoir Coterie_0032-1.jpg
Boudoir Coterie_0033-1.jpg
Boudoir Coterie_0037-1.jpgBoudoir Coterie_0035-1.jpg
Boudoir Coterie_0038-1.jpg


Thank you so much, Ofelia for letting us learn about you, your salon and your bad ass boss lady ways!


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